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Eyelashes grow before your eyes - use eyelash oils

  • 14 October 2019 13:04:57
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Have you noticed the difference between girls with makeup and without? Even a few strokes of mascara on the eyelashes change the face of a woman in the most incredible way - the eyes become brighter, the look seems to open wide, the whole face takes on sharper outlines and a different “sound”.

However, too frequent use of decorative cosmetics can lead to the opposite result - to diseases of the skin, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. To avoid this, it is necessary at least from time to time to take medical procedures for the face, neck and body.

If we take into account that the first thing people look at is the eyes, then you should follow them very carefully. And also for protection for them - for eyelashes. After all, it is eyelashes that make our look so expressive. Oil and special masks from them, which can be easily done at home, will help to maintain the health of eyelashes. Oils are used different. About it - in more detail.

Why eyelashes grow from oils

To preserve and improve the condition of eyelashes, a number of oils are used. We will talk about each of them below, and now about the common features that these eyelash care products have. Oils will help make eyelashes thicker due to the fact that they very well nourish the skin of the eyelids, penetrating into the hair sacs and giving an impetus to the growth of hairs.

Minerals and vitamins contained in the oil help strengthen the eyelashes themselves and restore their natural color. This is especially true for those who, due to allergies, cannot use makeup. These same substances will help get rid of brittleness and loss of eyelashes, and will also contribute to their rapid growth. It is no secret that in our diet there is a categorical lack of vitamins, therefore such a "point" effect is necessary.

And one more thing - if everything is in order with your eyelashes, it’s not a sin to think about prevention. Look at our ecology, at the quality of some cosmetics. Here you will involuntarily think about the fact that you need to take care of your health in advance, without waiting for alarming symptoms. As for eyelashes, special oils will help preserve their natural beauty and even make your eyes even better.

Effective application

Eyelash oil is best applied with a mascara brush, previously well washed. Naturally, it is necessary to protect the mucous membrane of the eye from oil, while trying to apply oil to the roots of the eyelashes. Some use a cotton pad, this is a matter of taste.

Caution: do not apply eyelash oil before bedtime, otherwise at night the oil may seep under your eyelids and get into your eyes. The best time for a treatment procedure is right after getting rid of cosmetics. They removed makeup, applied oil, and removed excesses before bed, if necessary. Most likely, in the evening the oil will have time to absorb and there will be no problems with it.

If you have never tried applying oil, start with small portions, applying them to the tips of your eyelashes and not touching the eyelid area. The oil itself spreads over the eyelashes and gets on the skin. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of oil.

Another feature in these procedures: you will have to select the oil for eyelashes individually, because each body reacts differently to certain substances contained in the oils. Therefore, when using the product, you should monitor the result and watch how the eyelashes react to the use of a particular oil.

And the last - if you are preparing an eyelash product from a combination of different components (juices, vitamin solutions, herbal infusion) - use it all at once, do not store the product even in the refrigerator, because the prepared composition very quickly loses its useful properties.

Indications and contraindications

  • Wish: if you already decided to treat eyelashes with oils, do it every day for a month, then the result will be visible. If this time is not available, strive to make the procedures regular, at least 2 times a week, but at the same time the period is extended to two months.
  • Contraindications: make sure that the oil does not cause allergies due to individual intolerance. And secondly - do not use eyelash oil, which has expired. Using this oil can harm the delicate skin of the eyelids and the entire eye.

Best eyelash oils

What oils are considered the most effective for growing and strengthening eyelashes?

  1. Castor oil most popular for eyelashes. Castor oil is the most popular and affordable growth oil for strengthening eyelashes. In combination with other oils (olive, peach), it becomes a comprehensive tool for treatment, nutrition and growth enhancement. It can also be mixed with carrot juice or vitamin A to make eyelashes stronger and fluffier.
  2. Effective burdock oil for growth and strengthening. Burdock oil in eyelash care is valued worldwide. Its tannins help keep eyelashes strong, avoid brittleness and loss. It also contributes to the growth of eyelashes and their healing. The scales of the hair simply stick together under the influence of this oil, and the eyelashes become “like new”.
  3. Almond oil is used to stimulate eyelash growth. Almond oil is a true eyelash growth champion. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, which contribute to the renewal of body cells - this is the reason for this. Together with castor oil, it can be included in the complex for the general care of eyelashes.
  4. Application of peach oil. The properties of peach oil are similar to almond - it also stimulates the growth of eyelashes and prevents their loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties help prevent diseases of the skin of the eyelids, and the ability to regenerate cells will protect the eyelashes from destruction.
  5. Universal olive oil accelerates eyelash growth. Olive oil is good in itself - it nourishes the hairs, stimulates the growth of eyelashes. However, it will have an even better effect if mixed with aloe or parsley juice in arbitrary proportions and applied to the eyelashes. The rich vitamin composition of this tool helps the eyelashes to become more elastic.
  6. The recipe for a home remedy. Finally, we give a recipe for a product that can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator: mix one teaspoon of any oil for eyelashes, petroleum jelly and infusion of medicinal herbs, place in tightly closed glass dishes, use for a week.

If you use one oil or a mixture of several, then the best end to the procedure is a mini compress on the eyelashes from any medicinal herb. To do this, moisten two cotton pads in a warm infusion of herbs, put them on your eyes and hold for about 15 minutes. In this case, the eyelashes will receive the entire complex of care that is necessary for their health.

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