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Glycerin in cosmetics you are afraid of

  • 04 September 2019 10:34:30
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Should cosmetics with glycerin be avoided? This is one of the common questions you ask in the comments.

This question arises because glycerin somehow got into the black lists of harmful components of cosmetics and became a real hero of online horror stories.

The Internet attributes glycerin to an insidious property - to draw moisture from the deep layers of the skin and thus contribute to its dehydration.

How glycerin works

The glycerol molecule works like a sponge - it really attracts water. But there is water both inside and out, and a glycerol molecule draws moisture from where there is a lot of it.

If the air humidity is normal, then glycerin will draw moisture from the air, thus moisturizing your skin. If the air is dry, then glycerin will attract moisture from the skin.

In other words, if the humidity is normal, you should not worry at all about glycerin in your cosmetics.

  • When glycerin is dangerous. Another thing if you are in dry air. In this case, is it worth worrying about glycerin? Not always. It's all about concentration. Glycerin will attract water only if the product contains a sufficiently high percentage of this component. If the concentration of glycerin is low, he will not pull water from the inside. It will not work as a humidifier at all. In such cases, glycerin is present in the composition for other purposes.
  • Glycerin inside us. There is another reason not to be afraid of glycerin as a kind of chemical monster. Perhaps you did not know, but glycerin is in any case present in our skin. It is part of our water system. Without it, our natural moisturizing factor will not work. The upper layers of our skin are moisturized due to the fact that moisture gradually rises and glycerin plays an important role in this system. Therefore, it is added to cosmetics.

When not to use a cream with glycerin

Therefore, perhaps the only case when it is really not worth using a cream with glycerin is if the air is dry and the glycerin is in the cream in second or third place.

In this case, we can assume that glycerin is present in the cream in a sufficiently high concentration and such a tool is not the best choice in dry air conditions.

But dry indoor air in any case adversely affects the skin condition, with or without glycerin. Therefore, humidify the air in the room!

Use a humidifier, hang wet towels on radiators. And where it is impossible, spray water around you and everything will be fine!

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              Glycerin in cosmetics you are afraid of
              • 04 September 2019 10:34:30
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