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How to go from normal makeup to mineral cosmetics

  • 25 November 2019 05:39:56
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Is it worth it?

First of all, you need to understand what exactly you win (and lose) in this transition. In the “pros” of mineral decorative cosmetics we unequivocally record skin health and lightness, as well as perfect compatibility with all skin types, in the “cons” ... well, perhaps a slightly smaller range of products and a short period of getting used to new products. They often come to the “mineral water” because of skin problems that are only exacerbated by the use of synthetic tones, but in reality, mineral makeup is completely universal and can replace the entire classic arsenal to create the perfect skin tone. In addition, contrary to popular belief, getting used to the use of mineral powders, highlighters, bronzers, finishes, primers and rouge is easy. Let's figure it out?

Natural mineral cosmetics

Natural mineral cosmetics is a line of products that stand out among all others by their composition: in it you will find only natural minerals, ground very, very thin. By the way, the level of grinding is an important characteristic that determines how well, mineral powder or blush will lie thinly. The best powders have particles so small that they look like flour or even dust. If the particles are large, the powder will crumble, lie on the skin roughly and noticeably.

In form, mineral cosmetics are almost always loose powder products: in fact, powder, highlighter, blush and bronzers, primers, veils, shadows. They are applied first of all with dense cosmetic brushes, much less often - using, for example, sponges. The “mineral water” texture implies multi-layer application: you put a little powder on the brush and apply it to the skin, evaluate the effect, and if necessary, apply another layer. With this application, you can vary the density of the tone from translucent to very saturated, with high hiding power. Bonus: Loose mineral makeup can be mixed with natural cream bases - and thus get cream tonal products. This, of course, is an experiment, but possible.

Not entirely mineral cosmetics

In a separate group, it is possible to distinguish not entirely mineral cosmetics - the one in which the mineral components are combined with others. If these "other" are natural components (oils, extracts, etc.), then everything is in order; By the way, in this way, manufacturers of natural decorative cosmetics often get compact powders and foundation creams. If, in addition to minerals, synthetic components are present in the composition of powder, blush or shadows, the product can no longer be called “mineral” with full right to it. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention not only to the mark “mineral”, but also to the actual composition of the product.

Is it true that mineral powder protects against UV radiation? True: several minerals at once - and they are necessarily present in mineral powders - work like a physical UV filter, so such a powder can really protect you from harmful solar radiation. But the question is how reliable and thorough this protection is. Ideally, the manufacturer should indicate the SPF factor on the package or in the annotation, but if he did not, consider that the powder will protect your skin by about SPF 10-20, less often up to SPF 30. In any case, this is a valuable property of mineral powders, which, combined with a light texture, make this powder an ideal “companion” for the summer.

Mineral powder

Mineral powder is quite inert in its effect on the skin: if no additional components are added to it, such a powder does not cause irritation, does not dry out, and does not affect the moisture or elasticity of the skin. And this is great news for all owners of problem skin, because mineral powder applied to a suitable day cream will not worsen the condition of your skin even during the exacerbation period, while synthetic tonal products can clog pores, irritate the skin, aggravate pimples, acne, dryness and other problems.


5 rules for using mineral makeup:

  • As in the case with any other tone, it is worth preparing the skin before applying the “mineral water”: a daily moisturizer + primer is an ideal tandem for this. The primer can be either cream or friable. A translucent mineral powder without a pronounced color can serve as both a primer and a fixing veil.
  • When applying (and buying), consider the density of the powder: some mineral powders have high saturation and pigmentation, which means they better hide imperfections, but are also more noticeable on the skin. Other powders lie translucent, retouch less, but are also less noticeable.
  • With opaque powders - the same story: there are totally matte mineral powders that give a velvety dense finish, and there are slightly flickering or satin powders that highlight the tone and “play” in the light. The former better matte and hide defects, the latter smooth out wrinkles and look easier. Again, the choice should be made based on your needs.
  • Mineral powders are washed off easily and without problems, ideally - using natural products: micellar water, hydrophilic oil or cleansing milk. Particles of powder are distributed very tightly on the skin, so it is worthwhile to remove makeup carefully, in several stages, completing this process with a wash.
  • Mineral makeup is unpretentious and goes well with completely different means, for example, with a cream foundation, synthetic eyeliners and so on. Do not be afraid to get only powder first, try it, see if you like it; You can start even with highlighter or blush. The use of “mineral water” does not require replacing the entire decorative cosmetic bag, so you can freely experiment without fear of mistakes!
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