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Instead of cream: body care butter

  • 27 September 2019 07:12:06
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In different seasons, the need for body skin care remains unchanged - only the vector of this care varies: if in winter we need protection from the cold and nutrition, in the summer we need protection from dryness and moisture, and in the off-season we need a complete care kit, from toning to softening the skin and saturating it with useful trace elements. Therefore, over the course of the year, we have a chance to use products of various types and properties - and not the least place in the line of body care cosmetics is taken by natural butters, which are at the same time completely natural in their role (if only because they have been used since ancient times) and universal.

Butters that can be attributed to “winter” are dense, nourishing and protecting the skin as much as possible, and can completely replace the corresponding body creams. The most versatile and easy-to-use butters from this group are shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut butter (in addition, palm, babassu butter, mango and others can be no worse in this role). All of them are ideal for caring for particularly dry skin areas, as well as for radically softening the most delicate skin areas. This means that, for example, cocoa butter will help you and soften dry, chapped skin on your elbows and keep your lips tender, protected even in cold weather.

Shea butter

There is refined and unrefined shea butter, and the second is considered more useful, since it is not processed by chemicals in the production, does not bleach, and is not mixed with preservatives or flavorings. At room temperature, shea butter remains solid, but gradually melts and absorbs on the skin. Its unique nutritional properties determine that shea butter is used to care for the skin of the whole body that needs to be nourished and softened. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it possible to use it to care for chapped, weathered and irritated skin, as well as after insect bites.

Cacao butter

Solid yellowish cocoa butter melts already in the hands, and when it comes into contact with the skin, it quickly melts and is absorbed. The most important property of cocoa butter is its ability to accelerate the regeneration and restoration of skin cells.

Thanks to this, the butter is ideal for the care of:

  • damaged areas,
  • scars,
  • stretch marks,
  • traces of burns,
  • pronounced wrinkles,
  • as well as all sorts of skin imperfections - spots, acne, cracks.

For winter, cocoa butter is perfect, and universal - for dry areas (feet, elbows, knees), weathered hands, and for lips and eyelids.

Coconut butter

    Coconut butter is used for everything in the world - and therefore never regret its acquisition:

    1. hair masks,
    2. home scrub (mixed with sea salt),
    3. improvised lip balm,
    4. even a makeup remover - and this is far from all the roles of this butter.

    When warm, coconut butter has a liquid form, but in the cool it thickens and loses transparency, which is completely normal.

      It is used for almost all parts of the body:

      • for nutrition of hands and feet,
      • for protection against cold and chapping of lips,
      • for the décolleté area, like body cream.

      On the skin, it feels very comfortable; refined coconut butter has a very light aroma, while unrefined coconut butter has a pronounced flavor.

      Dense, nutritious oils are only one side of body oil care. In contrast, more liquid and lighter oils like almond and sesame, grape, peach, pomegranate and apricot kernel oil, macadamia oil, have pronounced moisturizing properties. When applied to the skin, they are perfectly absorbed and make the skin more elastic, velvety, well-groomed. They are conveniently mixed, combined with essential oils, but you can also use solo. The more detailed properties of oils depend on the choice of a particular oil, but in general they perfectly replace moisturizers and nourishing creams, milk for the body and hands. Such oils are also mostly versatile: for example, sasanqua oil is suitable for moisturizing the skin, for massage, and for strengthening the hair roots with an oil mask. Or jojoba oil, which is associated with hair care, is also used to nourish dry, aging skin.


      There is nothing complicated or specific in the application of butters, the main rule is that they should be applied to skin that is slightly moist after showering: in this case, the butter is well distributed and better absorbed. If the butter belongs to those that are in a solid or viscous state at room temperature, then you can warm it up a little in a water bath or start applying immediately so that it melts already on the skin (all cosmetic butters have a melting point no higher than 40 degrees C) . Apply butter should be gentle massage movements; it is best to give the butter time to soak in properly, and after five minutes, pat the skin with a napkin. However, if you apply the butter in a small amount, then after five minutes it is likely to be completely absorbed and will not require any other measures. butter consumption depends on its viscosity: the lower it is, the more economical the consumption.

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