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Lavender hair oil: properties and applications

  • 20 September 2019 09:24:44
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Many people love lavender essential oil for its amazing expressive aroma and ability to soothe and relax.

It is added to the bath, poured into scented lamps and rubbed into the skin, but few people use this truly magical tool in hair care.

It is for hairstyles that lavender can maximally show all its positive properties, cure weakened hair and completely transform the hair.

Beneficial features

Considering the peculiarities of lavender as such, its use for hair care in the first place guarantees a pleasant smell, which will be loved much more than the chemical scents of hair conditioners, which often do not differ in natural characteristics.

In addition, lavender essential oil applied to the hair will help get rid of, and henceforth, avoid headaches and migraines.

Any evening procedure with this miraculous component will set you in a calm mood, after which the dream will be pleasant and calm.

This is especially true for hair care, since it is on them that a light soothing plume lasts much longer than on the skin.

When using lavender oil before bedtime, it’s better not to add any other foreign substances just to calm it down - mixing the smell of lavender with foreign aromas can create completely unusual duets, possibly even exciting the body, rather than calming it.

In addition, lavender oil perfectly soothes the skin and relieves it of problems and dryness, so this tool can be an ideal escape from peeling and dandruff, which can interfere with the creation of an elegant perfect hairstyle.

Antibacterial properties make this component an ideal medicine for minor scratches and inflammations that occur on the scalp, and antifungal features heal from annoying itching.

Any mask enriched with lavender oil acts many times stronger - it strengthens the hair follicle and the hair itself along its entire length, gives silkiness to the hair, relieves dullness and lifelessness, saturating the hair with strength.

These benefits make lavender oil almost as effective as basic products such as burdock or castor oil.


Like any other essential oil, lavender can not be used in its pure form, but it can serve as a wonderful addition, transforming already familiar cosmetics into new elixirs. In shampoo, balm, conditioner

  • In shampoo, balm, conditioner. For example, about the addition of oil to shampoo every second review is enthusiastically positive. The other half who tried the original combination either simply did not appreciate the smell of lavender oil, or was among allergy sufferers reacting to this component. Also, oil is often added to the balm - reviews and here remain completely positive. In the first case, the funds need a little more (25-30 drops per 200 milliliters of shampoo), since the oil still has time to rinse off under the pressure of water, but in the second you should not keep the aroma of lavender, 20 drops will be enough for 200 milliliters of balm. On the addition of oil to the conditioner, the reviews go very contradictory - after all, if you pour a little lavender component, then after the indelible conditioner, the hair will appear dirty and oily. In this case, it is better to add one or two drops directly to the ends of the hair, distributing the clean conditioner along the rest of their length. You should not add lavender oil to those air conditioners where the composition already contains oils or products that have unique nutritional properties. As a result of such a mixture of hair can be oily and heavy. Lavender oil itself is used immediately in several cases, sometimes even completely opposite, among which can be distinguished.
  • For hair growth. Reviews already tried regularly to use shampoo and masks with lavender oil confirm the fact that the hair becomes noticeably stronger and stronger, and the length is added somewhat faster than usual.
  • For dry. Lavender oil is also great for dry hair - it gently saturates them with useful substances, restoring the entire surface of the hair, nourishing them, giving shine, volume and strength.
  • For fatty. Surprisingly, this tool also saves from fat content - reviews of people suffering from rapid head contamination confirm this wonderful feature, which is explained by the antibacterial properties of lavender oil, which allows for a long time to ensure a clean hairstyle.
  • From lice. Thanks to the same antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as due to a sufficiently strong, saturated and specific smell, lavender oil also eliminates lice - just three or four procedures with masks based on this component are enough - and you can forget about the problem.
  • From electrification. Like any other essential or base hair oil, this product protects against electrification, which is especially annoying in the fall and winter, with the onset of the first cold weather. This property can be explained by the fact that lavender oil smoothes hair and makes it more silky and less susceptible to electrification.


Typically, lavender oil, like any other, is sold in packages, each of which is 10 milliliters.

The price from different manufacturers and the cost in a pharmacy can vary significantly.

Usually, the most expensive oils are used to create perfumes and other cosmetics, while for hair, especially when preparing masks for their subsequent rinsing, it’s quite enough to choose a worthy brand of an average price category that will fully meet all the requirements.


Reviews for lavender oil are mostly positive.

First of all, this can be explained by the stunning richness of the properties of the product, as well as a rather active and pronounced aroma, which is familiar to many. It is because of this aroma that oil is chosen only by those who love lavender, while the rest try to avoid any remedies with a similar smell.

In the case of other essential oils, this principle does not work - often, hoping for a positive effect from the use of one or another component, people buy a drug in a pharmacy, completely not imagining its smell, which then turns out to be unpleasant or even nasty.

Lavender also has a constant, unchanging smell, and, by the way, it is he who is one of the indicators of quality. Oil should not give off “smoke”, its smell can not be bitterness and other extraneous shades, otherwise it is better to refuse to use.

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