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Skin oil. Should I look for a replacement cream?

  • 29 August 2019 02:18:40
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Over the past 20 years, a real revolution has taken place in the field of beauty. In the recent past, the oily structure of care products was almost a sentence. Even such a well-deserved brand “Oil of Olay” in 1999 decided to change the name to “Olay”. And all because potential consumers fled from the marks "oil", as from fire.

The negative halo around these cosmetics was also aided by the notorious mineral oil, which clogs pores and has a bad effect on the skin condition. But now it's in the past. After all, both manufacturers and buyers have learned to use the right oils, simultaneously solving many problems with the epidermis. But are they really good and is it worth replacing them with your usual skin care products?

The advantages of cosmetic oils in comparison with creams

  • All-natural plant composition. Many oils do not require preservatives in the storage process.
  • Contribute to hydration, but do not hydrate on their own. Unlike creams, oils do not have water. But they can trap fluid in cells, preventing evaporation.
  • Have antioxidant properties.
  • Soften.
  • The best suppliers of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, K to the skin, who received the name "beauty capsules." Indeed, without them, the epidermis loses elasticity, freshness and elasticity.
  • Have anti-edematous effect, which is especially important for the epidermis around the eyes. Everything is simple here. There is no moisture in the oil, unlike a cream, which means that the likelihood of edema becomes minimal.
  • Excellent “work” with sensitive skin. Various oils are an indispensable element of care in the product line for newborns. And for good reason. After all, the oily structure delicately affects the epidermis, nourishes and softens. And again, it does not contain anything superfluous (preservatives, consistency improvers, perfumes, etc.).

The disadvantages of cosmetic oils in comparison with creams

  1. Fat. Most often, after oils, a sticky glossy film remains on the skin. And not everyone likes this effect. Therefore, it is very important to choose exactly the amount of funds that will be comfortableo "wear." In this regard, oils in bottles with an applicator significantly benefit.
  2. Lack of moisturizing effect. If the skin is dry and suffers from a lack of moisture, then oil is not the best choice. Under the oily film, the epidermis will be more prone to drying out.
  3. Poorly interact with water-soluble vitamin C, B vitamins and alpha hydroxy acids. If the epidermis feels the need for the above substances, then it is better to get them from serum or cream.
  4. Each oil has many nuances of use. For example, sea buckthorn oil does an excellent job of healing the skin, olive is a fighter with age-related changes, but coconut oil needs to be extremely careful because of its high comedogenicity.

To summarize, we can say that completely switching to oils in face care is not an absolutely right decision. Indeed, in this case, the skin may suffer from a lack of moisture. But alternating oil products with creams or serums will only benefit the beauty of the epidermis.

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