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  • Baby powder fragrance oil organic premium 100% pure glass bottle 0.5 oz, 15 ml

Organic Baby Powder
Fragrance Oil

Ingredients: Baby Powder Fragrance Oil, 100% Pure with NO additives or carriers added.

Organic: Made without pesticides, GMO's, or hexane.

Description: A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, muguet, and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base.

General Oil Uses:

General Household Freshening - Add a few drops of oil to your trash can, laundry wash, Dryer sheet, drain, vacuum bag filter, or on a tissue for placement in your drawers.

Diffusing - the oil in a Diffuser scents your home or office with a wonderful uplifting smell. The most common Diffuser on the market in the Tea Lite Oil burner.

Bath - Add a few drops of oil to your running bath water and mix well before getting into the tub. Enjoy a wonderfully scented bath soak!

Massage - Create your own Massage oil scent simply add a few drops oil to 1 oz carrier oil such as Grapeseed oil and massage onto yourself or partner. Keep away from eyes and genital areas.

Product Scenting - Create your own scented products by adding oils to un-scented base products like; Hair Shampoo & Conditioners Base, Hand Soap Base, Body Lotion Base, Room Spray Base, Moisturizing Body Gel Base, Reed Diffuser Base, Melt & Pour or Cold Press Soap making.

Storage: It is recommended that oils packaged in dark containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life. We are buying our product from the organically certified supplier, made with organic ingredients.


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Baby powder fragrance oil organic premium 100% pure glass bottle 0.5 oz, 15 ml

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