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Non-bleeding soap pigment.

Mica's are non-toxic occurring naturally from the minerals muscovite and silicate. Mica is smaller than 20 microns, gives a satiny appearance while large micas provide a sparkly effect. Mica's are then coated with various oxides, carmine and titanium dioxide to give a full range of colors.

Our Soapberry Yellow Mica Pigment approved for soap making. Stable in all applications. MP safe and CP safe. Pigments are a wonderful way to add color, shine, products. Just add to your mix and blend or stir until the color you like is achieved. Make your own products for less!

Soapberry Yellow Pigment is distinguishable from standard mica by its outstanding brilliance and performance.

Color range is way beyond the rainbow. Each colour can be used alone or combined to create even more unique and beautiful shades. Pigments are available in a wide range of effects and finishes including matte, satin or sparkle effect.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide,Tin Oxide, Irone Oxide Yellow 10, Pigment Orange 13, Polyester-3.

We sell mica pigments by weight, not volume - one ounce (powdered) is generally 6 to 8 tablespoons of mica.

Donot breathe dust; store cool & dry.


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soapberry yellow mica colorant pigment powder for soap making 4 oz

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