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Homemade Face Cream with Shea Butter

  • 22 may 2019 11:16:25
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Shea butter is a versatile remedy for all types of skin. It is part of a multitude of creams, providing an incredible rejuvenating effect. You can make cosmetics with butter shish yourself - this cream will be much more efficient and cheaper than the store.

Useful properties of shi oil

Shih oil (Karite) is a product of processing of seeds of the West African shi tree. To obtain raw materials for oil, ripe fruits burrow into the ground until sigivaniya pulp. Then the extracted seeds are continuously fried for several days, crushed and sent under the press.

The device rejuvenates, tones the face, serves as a natural UV filter thanks to the "set":

  • fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, stearic, linoleic);
  • vitamins (tocopherols, retinol, etc.).

Karite oil nourishes and softens the skin, saturates with moisture, fights with aging, illuminates the pigmentary stains, makes the complexion fresh. It also neutralizes the effect of UV radiation, soothes inflammation, peeling, irritation.

Shea butter is solid, but if heated to more than + 32 ° С, it will become a liquid with a pleasant aroma of ripe nuts. May be refined and unrefined ("Virgin"). Both home-made cosmetics are suitable for both varieties.

Homemade Cream Recipes with Shea butter

Use self-made creams from shi can at any time of the year.

Moisturizing cream with beeswax and shi oil

The cream saturates the skin with moisture, returns it elasticity.

You will need:

  • 50 g of butter oil;
  • 50 g of natural wax;
  • 30 ml of cinnamon tincture;
  • 15 ml of fresh orange juice;
  • 5 drops of essential oil of sandalwood;
  • 10 ml of unrefined avocado oil.

In a water bath, melt shisha oil and wax, mix ingredients, translate into a clean container, put in a refrigerator.

Nourishing night cream with Shea butter and Rose Water

The remedy nourishes and rejuvenates the face.

You will need:

  • 5 g lecithin;
  • 50 g of carite oil;
  • 15 g of aloe vera gel;
  • 2 capsules of vitamin E;
  • 30 ml of rose water;
  • 30 g of natural wax;
  • 5 drops of essential oils of mandarin and chamomile;
  • 50 ml of essential almond oil (olive, peach).

Mix aloe vera gel and rose water. Melt in a water bath shisha oil and wax. Do not remove from the water bath, add lecithin to the wax, essential oils, remove the contents of vitamin E capsules. Mix, pour roses and shisha oil from aloe. Remove from a water bath, stir for cooling. Put in a clean container, put in a refrigerator.

Universal cream-lotion with shish oil

It is used with the onset of cold weather as an excellent protection against cold, peeling, weathering, coarseness, cracks.

You will need:

  • 50 g of butter oil;
  • 30 ml of essential oil of coconut;
  • 30 ml of essential oil of grape seed.

Heat all the components in a water bath. Remove from the water bath, cool, and mix with a mixer. Put in a clean container, put in a refrigerator.

Moisturizing cream with starch and shea butter

A medium in the form of soufflé can be applied to the face, body and hair.

You will need:

  • 80 g of butter oil
  • 5 grams of corn starch,
  • 3-4 drops of essential oil for you;
  • 15 g of essential oil of almonds (cotton, grape seeds).

Melt in a water bath shisha oil to the consistency of soft butter. Blow off the mixer, cool down. Add the essential oils, beat the mixer again. Squeeze corn starch, shake again with a mixer. Put in a clean container, put in a refrigerator.

Cream with shea butter for dry and sensitive skin

Cream nourishes dry skin, softens, prolongs youth. Applied under makeup.

You will need:

  • 1 tbsp oil shi;
  • 2 tablespoons essential oils of sweet almonds;
  • 2-3 drops of essential oils of chamomile and lavender.

Tart oil in a water bath, add almond oil, mix, remove from the water bath. Add lavender and chamomile oil. Put in a clean container, put in a refrigerator.

The secrets of home-made creams with shisha oil

African Shea fruit oil can be used purely. However, it is much more effective in the composition of multi-component creams handmade. Shea butter equally successfully combines with honey, milk, herbs, essential oils.

A few recommendations for cooking creams with shish oil:

  • Before mixing the ware, heat the solid oil in a water bath. The fire should be weak. If you use pure oil, simply hold a piece in your palms.
  • Use oil immediately - it quickly returns to solid state.
  • Mix the shea butter with other ingredients using a blender, then there will be no lumps in the mixture.

To prepare the face for the cream, lightly dissolve it with a hot towel or steam bath, clean with a scrub. Apply the cream with circular movements, without rubbing into the skin. After use, wipe your face with a cotton pad, moistened with warm milk or water, and wash with water without soap.

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