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10 facts about cosmetic oils

  • 08 July 2019 06:46:38
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About cosmetic oils can be heard so opposing views that you wonder. “Oils are ideal remedies for my skin!” “Oh, no, just not oil, it clogs the pores after all!” “Mineral oil is poison, coconut oil is a panacea for any skin and hair problems!” But where is the truth? When the oily structure of a body care product is good, and when there is a risk of damaging the epidermis?

Fact №1: Oil can not moisturize the skin.

Cosmetic oils and moisturizing. Of course, all moisturizers are divided into three categories: those that soften the skin, those that prevent the loss of moisture, and those that draw water into the cells. The latter include hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Oil is something like a sealant. They cover the pores with a film, not allowing the cells to lose moisture, but at the same time prevent it from getting out. For this reason, fat-like substances work most effectively after a shower, but by themselves they only soften the skin, but do not moisturize.

Fact №2: The oil should always complete the facial, body or hair treatment.

If you spread an oily substance on the epidermis, and then try to apply a serum, cream, toner, mist, then know that you have wasted time in vain. Fat-like film is a barrier through which even the most expensive beauty products cannot penetrate. Oils should always be the final stage of care and it does not matter what is at stake: hair or skin.

Fact №3: Oils clog pores.

The champion of blockage is

  1. coconut;
  2. olive.

But even light modifications of dry oils can cause this unpleasant effect, since everything depends on the susceptibility of the epidermis, its individual reaction. To understand what is right for you, you can only by trial and error.

Fact №4: As part of almost all oils, there are antioxidants that help the skin regenerate, normalize cellular metabolism.

How to apply essential oils? Record for the amount of antioxidants and vitamins A, E is argan oil. That it is often an ingredient in anti-aging cosmetics. But there are more low-cost antioxidant agents, such as rosehip oil, orange, sea buckthorn, lemon and so on.

Fact №5: There are oils that are able to fight acne, acne and acne.

First of all, we are talking about a tea tree with antimicrobial properties. Numerous dermatological studies have shown that it is this oil that can "kill" bacteria and help the rapid healing of pimples. But a significant disadvantage of this natural substance is high allergenicity, so before applying to the problem area, test the product in any neutral zone on the body: on the wrist or in the elbow bend.

Fact №6: There are oils that soften the skin better than others.

The most emollient are avocado, calendula and sweet almond oil. If you are the owner of dry skin or your face suffers from frequent chapping, then these remedies are your must-haves.

Fact №7: Cosmetic products based on oils should be matched to the type of face.

Oils from grape or apricot kernels, marules, argans are considered universal, suitable for all types of epidermis. Dry skin was discussed above, and jojoba oil, normalizing the sebaceous glands, is suitable for oily skin.

Fact №8: It does not matter what oil you use for the hair, it is important how you apply it.

Cosmetic hair oils Practically all oils nourish curls, give them shine. Apply on strands can be any of them.

  • But if your hair is oily, always avoid the root zone.
  • Dry ones especially need oil care.
  • For this type of hair coat it is recommended to apply oils along the entire length: before and after washing, during the day.

After the shower, the oil film will seal the moisture in the curls, and before taking bath procedures, it will reduce the drying effect of the shampoo.

Fact №9: Mineral oil is not a harm, it is just a useless product.

Mineral oil is a derivative of petroleum from which gas is made. Scientists could not establish that such a substance adversely affects the condition of the skin, but it is known that there is no benefit from it. Just 50 years ago, mineral oil was the main ingredient in the cosmetics industry. Now almost no one uses it, because there are so many natural vegetable oils that benefit the beauty.

Fact №10: Oils are ideal for cleansing and de-makeup.

It would seem, but how can oil cleanse the skin? But it turns out that it is the oil structure of the makeup remover that delicately decomposes the remnants of cosmetics and absorbs the silicone, fatty components of the debris that appeared on the skin during the day. In addition, in stores it has long been possible to find hydrophilic oils that have oily properties, but are completely soluble in water. By the way, in the Korean system of personal care it is believed that only such a product of care is able to cope with the removal of BB-cream, tonalnik or powder from the face. And Korean girls know a lot about skin beauty.

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