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Clay masks for hair - a great way to strengthen them!

  • 15 July 2019 09:19:44
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Hello dear readers! Finally got hands to write an article about the wonderful properties of clay and about its use for hair. Clay mineralizes the scalp, pulls out toxins, nourishes the hair roots, prevents hair loss and even can slightly accelerate hair growth!

My acquaintance with clay masks happened a long time ago, at the very beginning of the transition to natural remedies. I tried these masks completely by chance, spontaneously buying a small package of clay in the hope of somehow helping my exhausted hair. And it was after seeing the stunning result of clay masks for hair, I decided to completely abandon the purchase of cosmetics and began to look for natural products for washing hair and caring for them.

Clay masks helped me to stop hair loss and transformed them externally - the hair became more voluminous, luxuriant, gorgeous lay even without styling. After the hair masks made of clay, I could not tear myself away from the mirror, the hair looked unusually healthy and beautiful. Inspired by the result, I began to experiment, adding to the masks of clay all the new ingredients. Now, having completely restored hair, sometimes I make such masks to maintain their beauty. By the way, clay hair masks perfectly regulate oily scalp - if you have oily hair, you should definitely try such masks. Hair will stay clean and fresh for much longer.

In general, the clay is different, or rather multi-colored.

Blue, white, green, pink, black ... In our stores and pharmacies, you can most often find blue and white (kaolin), and I believe that these clays are enough and they are best suited for our hair. These clays are very rich in minerals, so you can not search through the Internet in search of exotic types of clays, but go to the nearest pharmacy and buy white or blue clay.

After many experiments, I can say that in its pure form, the clay should be applied only to very oily hair, since the clay still has the property of drying. And I recommend not to be lazy, but add a couple of ingredients to the clay for a more useful and caring mask. In its pure form, clay mineralizes the roots, but it can

So, here are some proven options for clay hair masks:

    • 3 tbsp. clay (diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream), 0.5 tsp. Jojoba oil (if not present, use any base oil), 1 yolk, 3 drops of rosemary or ylang-ylang essential oil. The yolk must be pre-cleaned from the film so that after washing the mask there is no unpleasant smell. I often use this mask as a shampoo mask, since the clay with the yolk perfectly cleanses the hair.
    • 3 tbsp. clay (dilute with water to the consistency of thick cream), 3 tsp. honey, 3 drops of essential oils to choose from: bergamot, ylang-ylang, rosemary, lavender. Honey adds shine and nourishes hair!
    • 3 tbsp. Clay diluted kefir to the consistency of thick cream, essential oils - 3 drops as desired. Clay in combination with kefir gently affects the hair, nourishing it and saturating it with minerals.

    How to make masks from clay:

    All ingredients are mixed, put on wet unwashed hair, wrap with a wrap, wrap in a towel and hold for 40 minutes. Unlike oil masks, the “the longer the better” rule does not work here - it is better not to hold clay on your hair for more than 40 minutes. But also less - 40 minutes just right.

    Rinse with running water, gradually. The clay itself can be used as a shampoo, especially when combined with the yolk, it  washes hair well, so after such a mask it is not necessary to use shampoo. But if it is bad to wash off the clay, it can  leave  a hazy bloom on the hair, so you need to wash it off very carefully.

    After the clay it is necessary to use a rinse! Rinse best with water and apple cider vinegar (vinegar softens the water, and  soft water perfectly washes this bloom and makes the hair shine). You can also wash off the decoction / infusion of  herbs (nettle, chamomile, oak bark). Or water with the addition of juice of one lemon - the effect is the same as that of  water with apple cider vinegar.

    Now how often do clay masks for hair.

    I advise you to do them regularly, but not too often - 1-2 times a week will be enough to mineralize the hair roots, saturate   them with everything necessary for growth and strengthen! Health and beauty to your hair!

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