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Using Coconut Oil for Tanning

  • 29 July 2019 01:21:32
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Leave a pleasant impression of the summer holiday in many ways. Many girls prefer to enjoy sunny days for the benefit of the body, getting a beautiful tan.

It is often possible to come across situations where, for whatever reason, it is simply impossible to achieve even skin color. This concerns not only the features of the skin, but also a catastrophic lack of time. This omission can be corrected in various ways, for example, using coconut oil for tanning.

Useful action

The composition of coconut oil is very diverse, its impact on the skin and hair has long found its application in cosmetology. It is often used as an intimate oil.

Homemade masks for recovery and nutrition help to cope with many problems, as well as perfectly tone up the skin. The use of coconut oil for tanning is a justified decision, because the beneficial properties are not limited to cosmetic effects. Read more about how oil affects the quality of tanning in more detail in our article.

Coconut Oil tanning help:

  • Moisturizing the skin, which is very important after sunbathing. Mandatory recommendations of “proper” exposure to the sun take into account the further softening of the skin with a moisturizing milk. It is in this quality that coconut oil can be used.
  • Accelerated melanin production in the deep layers of the dermis. This oil has a penetrating ability, therefore it is necessarily used to activate metabolic processes and “deliver” nutrients.
  • The protective properties of coconut oil are difficult to overestimate. A thin barrier layer formed on the surface of the skin helps to protect it during long stay in the sun. It will also protect against photo aging.
  • Coconut oil contains large amounts of fatty acids. Under the influence of ultraviolet they are converted into vitamin D, which provides a healthy look and improves the condition of the dermis.
  • Continuous use of coconut oil for the skin significantly improves its health, nourishes and smoothes. In addition, it copes with stretch marks and some dermatological problems.

The use of coconut oil is very popular, especially for dry and damaged skin.

In the summer, most girls face the problem of insufficient skin moisture, which inevitably manifests itself in the form of wrinkles and dryness. To eliminate such shortcomings, this product is perfect.

When it is impossible to apply

  1.  Individual intolerance. Check the body's response is necessary even before the first use. To do this, a small amount should be applied to the inside of the elbow. If irritation occurs, do not use oil.
  2. Too oily skin. Use in its pure form is impractical, as this will only exacerbate the problem. You can add to different formulations or dilute with herbal decoctions, but the best option would be to choose a different type of natural oil.
  3. Tendency to form comedones. The main problem - the clogging of the skin pores will appear even stronger after using such products.
  4. Be sure to clean the skin before use. Otherwise, the pores may become blocked and additional dermatological problems will appear.

An indisputable advantage of coconut oil is its hypoallergenic, because negative reactions are seen in very rare cases. This tool is also suitable for protecting the hair, but the use should be carried out with courses no more than once a week.

Rules of application

The use of this product implies knowledge of the basic rules of exposure to the sun. Besides the fact that it is desirable to sunbathe in a “safe” time, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin and protect it from possible negative moments.

Important nuances of use:

  • Immediately before applying it is imperative to take a shower, clean the skin from possible impurities, dust and dead cells of the upper layer.
  • In order for the oil to be well absorbed, it is necessary to apply it to slightly moist skin.
  • For greater effect, you can use a mixture of oil and sunscreen.
  • Apply the product should be in two steps, waiting for the final absorption of the first layer. It will protect from the sun, and also will provide protection against water.
  • Can be used for body and face. In the summer, it is also recommended to use masks based on coconut oil for hair. This will prevent dryness and brittleness, as well as repair damaged strands.

The disadvantages of the tool is considered quite fatty texture, which is not always like to use.

This minus is especially noticeable in the summer, when most people suffer from the heat. To reduce discomfort from the application, it is necessary to apply oil in advance, and leave the house only after the final drying.

Thus, by the way, it is also possible to prevent the appearance of stains on clothes and the lubrication of decorative cosmetics.

In the solarium

Staying in the solarium also requires advance preparation. Ultraviolet exposure in this case will be much stronger, so the main task is to protect the skin from overabundance of melanin production.

It is advisable to use coconut oil along with sunscreen, matched to your skin.

The rules for a successful tan in tanning beds:

  • Take a shower in advance and wet the skin a little.
  • Oil the entire surface without using other cosmetics, especially perfumes.
  • Prepare the mixture to protect the skin. At the third it will consist of coconut oil, and the rest is sunscreen with UV filters.
  • Before the procedure it is necessary to apply the mixture evenly on the skin.
  • If the exposure time was more than 10 minutes, repeat the treatment about an hour after the session.

Of course, the rules for visiting a solarium are not limited to these points. It is very important to gradually increase the time of the session in order not to injure the skin by excessive radiation.

It is imperative that you first study all the subtleties of proper tanning in a tanning salon, taking into account the features of the type of equipment used.

Before and after tanning

The above recommendations provide information on using coconut oil immediately before tanning. However, its composition is ideal for soothing the skin after sunbathing or visiting the solarium. In some cases, it will help to soften the inflamed or burned dermis, contributing to its recovery.

In order for the oil to work as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to carefully distribute it in the damaged areas as early as possible. You must first take a shower and wash off possible dirt, dust and sweat. The tool needs to be slightly warmed in the palms so that the mass melts. After that, light massage movements need to process the skin.

This method can be used not only in case of damage and sunburn, but also as a prophylactic after sunburn.

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